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Discover an unusual service that helps you get your web site where you want it to be. A fast, easy-going webmaster who listens to you, then, based on our years of experience, offers excellent advice.

Have you paid 1000’s to a developer and he’s left you flat? This is a more common problem than you’d think.

There are three common causes of this phenomenon: bad planning, cost-cutting or incompetence.

1) You didn’t specify exactly what you want upfront;
2) You wanted a full featured site for a mini-site price or
3) You hired someone who wasn’t up to the job.

Are you pulling your hair out because you’ve reached a block in your site development that you can’t get past? This too is common.


Getting a pro web site online requires that you get a lot of very technical things right and that servers and software operate as you want them too. The more complex a thing is the more likely it will behave eccentrically.